• Brizzypix

Welcome to Brizzypix 2020

Well, that seems a little tardy doesn't it?

2020 is already well underway with two months already gone! How time flies!

Brizzypix News:

- The website has undergone a major update this year, with the online store finally going live. If you haven't done so already click on over to the collections and browse what is on offer. Most product now have multiple selections with regard to print style and size options, along with some items going on a clearance sale

- I am endeavouring to add new product to the online store on a far more regular basis now, to keep things looking fresh

- Instagram is continuing to be a large focus of my time and photographic efforts, with my account ticking over 3,000 followers late last month to my delight

- to celebrate this milestone I plan on running a competition on the Brizzypix Instagram account soon with the prize being a large format stretched canvas, so keep watching for more news on that front

If you see my corporate ride parked in the city at night - please say G'day if you spot me shooting. The new number plate should make me easy to spot:

I have been fortunate in having the freedom to spend some quality time with a few fellow photographers exploring the city recently, and plan to continue throughout the year, hopefully at least once a week.

The recent wet weather has been kind to my preferred shooting style also, with so many amazing city reflections available at night.

I look forward to showcasing my work on Instagram and here, and hope to see some of you in the city at night doing what we do best.